Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q.) Are The Voice Tags On The Tracks In Your Store Removed Upon Buying Them?

A.) Yes, the voice tags simply exists in order to prevent theft of our compositions. Once you purchase the instrumental you will get a download link to the untagged beat.

2. Q.) How Much Are The Tracks?


* Tracks are only $20 for a Standard MP3 Lease….

* Tracks are only $40 for Premium Rights (Includes Data Files/Stems)

* Tracks are only $150 for Unlimited Rights (Includes Data Files/Stems)

* Tracks are only $350 or a Negotiated Price for Exclusive Rights (Includes Data Files/Stems)

3. Q.) Do You Send The Tracked Out Separated Data Files/Stems For Tracks Purchased?

A.) Once you buy tracks with a Premium or Unlimited Rights License we send the data files/stems for the tracks. The tracks are individually separated by each instrument (Cymbal, Drums, Strings etc). We send Wav Data Files That’s Compatible with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Sonar, Cubase or any Recording Software You Use.

4. Q.) How Do I Pay For The Tracks?

A.) The purchase link is next to each track. Click the Add button, Select a license type and Click the Cart Tab (next to the search bar) and then Click the Proceed to Checkout Button. Once you selected the tracks of your choice, you can complete your order via PayPal or Credit Card by selecting the “Buy Now” button in the player. You will receive all files instantly… immediately after payment. Make sure to check your Inbox and SPAM-folder as well.  

We have 2 Options for making payments.

a) Pay for the tracks at ezquniversebeats beats store – Instant Delivery.

b) Contact via email – ezquniversebeats@gmail.com and our staff will send you an invoice via Paypal (Debit or Credit Card) to purchase the track. We also take payment via Western Union, Money Gram or CashApp.

5. Q.) How Will I Receive My Tracks After Payment Is Made?

A.) You receive your beats/tracks via email instantly when you purchase from EZ-Q Universe’s Beats Store . After purchase… You will receive a confirmation link to download your product. If you didn’t receive the e-mail after purchase, simply forward your payment receipt to our e-mail address.

B.) Once payment is made via invoice or by Western Union. You will get the tracks and files you paid for sent directly to your email address the same day via wetransfer. You can always contact us directly. Email us at – ezquniversebeats@gmail.com 

6. Q.) What’s the difference between the various licenses?

A.) Here’s details of each individual license – EZ-Q Universe License

7. Q.) What If I Don’t have a Paypal Account to pay for the tracks?

A.) You don’t need a Paypal account. Just use your “Credit or Debit Card” on Paypal. At Checkout… Click on the link on the Paypal site on that say’s “Don’t Have A Paypal Account?…. Pay With Your Debit Or Credit Card”. The Visa and Mastercard Logo is right next to the link.

We also take payment via Stripe, CashApp, Western Union or Money Gram. Contact our staff at – ezquniversebeats@gmail.com to get our info for the Western Union or Money Gram form. 

8. Q.) What If I Don’t have a Debit, Credit Card or a Stripe/Paypal Account to pay for the tracks?

A.) If you don’t have a Debit, Credit Card or a Stripe/Paypal Account to pay for the tracks. You can pay via Western Union or Money Gram. Contact us direct – ezquniversebeats@gmail.com. I will send you my information for Western Union or Money Gram

9. Q.) Do you Record Artist or Offer Studio Time?

A.) No. I am a Producer not an Engineer.

10. Q.) Do You Offer Record Deals?

A.) No. I only provide production services.

11. Q.) Do You Clear Samples On Tracks?

A.) No. I don‘t clear samples on these tracks. If any samples is used… Most are royalty free or guaranteed sample clearance by the author.

12. Q.) Where are you located?

A.) We are based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom. 

13. Q. ) Are You looking for more Producers to add to your Roster?

A.) No. Not at this moment. Our staff is currently full.

14. Q.) I’ve never done business over the internet before and I’m concerned about making transactions online. How Can I Trust You Will Send Us Our Product After We Paid For It?

A. ) We understand your concerns. All payments are securely handled by Stripe or Paypal. You can also reach me for any questions  via thes email address – ezquniversebeats@gmail.com 

15. Q.) Do you offer Exclusive Rights for Tracks on the site?

A.) Yes and the prices are negotiable.

16. Q.) Do you remove the Tracks after purchasing the “Unlimited Rights License?”

A.) No. The “Unlimited Rights License” is still “Non-Exclusive”. Only with Exclusive Rights purchases do I remove tracks from our catalogue and website. With “Unlimited Rights” you still have no limitations in retail, streaming, paid performances and you also receive the data files/stems with the license.

17. Q.) How Does The Package Deals Work?

Buy 5 Tracks, Get 2 Free! –> All Active License(s)

Buy 10 Tracks, Get 4 Free! –> All Active License(s)

Buy 20 Tracks, Get 8 Free! –> All Active License(s)

Buy 30 Tracks, Get 10 Free! –> All Active License(s)

All Active License(s)