how the muisic video services works

  1. Send a quote request message via the contact form below or via whatsapp stating the nature of the video production you are seeking to achieve.
  2. We will then review your request and if it is something we can take on then we will send you message stating the cost of our service.
  3. If you are happy with the proposed fee then you will need to pay a committal fee of £50 or N30,000 (for Nigerian Residents) which is non refundable. If you are not happy with our proposed fee then you can make a counter offer and if we accept then you be required to pay a committal fee of £50 or N30,000 (for Nigerian Residents) which is non refundable.
  4. You will then be required to send us an mp3 or wav of your song, the lyrics to your song and 10 pictures of each character to be included in the video. Or provide instructions of the type of characters that you would like to be included in the video.
  5. We will then send you a payment gateway link for you to pay the committal fee to pay a committal fee of £50 or N30,000 (for Nigerian Residents) online. Once payment is confirmed well will then commence work on your project.
  6. A first draft with a water mark will be presented for your feedback and suggested revision. Please note that you are entitled to 3 revisions. After the 3rd revision you will be required to pay £20 or N10,000 per 2 extra revisions.
  7. Once the draft video is approved then you will be required to pay the balance of service fee. This is simply the agreed fee minus the committal fee. On confirmation of receipt of payment we will send you the link to download a 1080p resolution video.


Are the videos unique?

Absolutely and are tailors around the lyrics and the vibe setting of your song. This gig is suited best for catchy dancing music from genres like Pop Music, Hip Hop, Dance Hall, Afro Beats etc.

Will the animated character lip sync to my song?

Yes and no. The animated characters can be made to lip sync but without dance movement. However we are currently working with developers to create a software to enable this. Nevertheless the results will be a good match with vibrant results to wow your perspective viewer. This may be possible very soon. Keep checking for updates.

My song is in a language other than English, can you still provide this service?

Most definitely provided you send me a translated lyrics sheet for each line of your song.

How are the video characters created?

We take 5 to 10 photos of a particular person re-edit and then animate the character to match the vibe of the song.

Do I need to send you a video of an artist performing?

This is not required as we will animate the images.

What do I get for £250 or N150,000?

You will get an interactive visualiser music video without lyrics. For an additional £50 or N50,000 (for Nigerian Residents) we will include your lyrics in the video